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Palisade Fence
Product Name: Palisade Fence
Product Description:

Our company produces iron fence with assembled structure of the overall framework,is conducive to the construction, installation easy and fast. Mesh column connection with the use of semi-circular head square neck bolts, locking rods, to prevent the fence being artificially disassemble. Suitable for mass production, as a road or park, residential fence use, the general height of not more than 2 meters in harmony with the natural environment.


Palisade Fence diameter 3.0 - 3.5mm;
Mesh: 50mm X 50mm;
Steel frame: 40mm;
Column: 48X 2mm;
Height: 1.2m-3.5m;
Column spacing: 2.5m-3m


Isolated road network, park development isolation mesh, fencing Residential use.

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