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Filler Mesh
  High Metal Structured Filler
       We can use stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, molybdenum 5 titanium material to produce a new and efficient corrugated structured filler and random filler.It is the best choice of separation of distillation and absorption,It is widely used in the petroleum, chemical, fertilizer , pharmaceutical, perfume, air separation, chemical and other fields.

Wire  Mesh Weaving Filler

1.Wire mesh filler is widely used around the world, the main advantages are:
1.high theoretical plate number, large flux, pressure drop;
2.Low-load performance, number of theoretical plates decreased with the increased gas load, almost no low load limits;
3.Operating flexibility
4.amplification not clear;
5.To meet the sophisticated, large-scale, high-vacuum distillation unit requirements. Difficult separation systems, heat-sensitive materials of high purity product lines and Distillation provided favorable conditions.
No. Inclination (degrees) No/m Theoretical plate No / m Peak height (mm) Hydraulic diameter(mm) Specific surface area (m2/m3) Porosity (%)
CY-700 45 8-10 4.3 5 700 90
BX-500 30 4-5 6.3 7.5 500 95

Plate Filler
2. Metal plate filler (also called rolling hole filler, filler ring holes) made out of corrugated sheet,because there are many small gill surface pitting, extended the time of vapor-liquid on surface,improved the separation efficiency. The geometric dimensions is similar with the plate fillers,with the keyhole 0.4 ~ 0.5mm, the filler is usually made form ultra-low carbon stainless steel corrosion-resistant materials,used for oil industry and fine chemical, pharmaceutical equipment.
No. Inclination (degrees) Peak height (mm) Hydraulic diameter(mm) Specific surface area (m2/m3) Porosity (%)
SM-450 45 6.5 9 450 93
SM-350 45 8 12 350 95
SM-250 45 12 15.8 250 97
SM-150 45 24 31.5 125 98.5

Mesh Filler (stainless steel, copper, aluminum, titanium, molybdenum 5 titanium, and other materials)

03.Metal mesh filler is a stamped metal sheet, has a particular surface.Its  ripple angle can be SW-45 and SW-30 according to its peak height and the tower axis.

Geometric parameters

No. Inclination (degrees) No/m Theoretical plate No / m Peak height (mm) Hydraulic diameter(mm) Specific surface area (m2/m3) Porosity (%)
SW-45 45 6-8 4.5 5.7 650 91.6
SW-30 30 4-5 6.5 9 450 95.5
4.Rolled sheet metal plate Filler
Rolled sheet metal plate Filler is rolling out the first high density of small holes and then pressed into assembled from corrugated sheet structured packing, due to the special surface of gill micro structure, increase the wettability of the packing, and to maintain the performance of wire mesh packing.

Geometric parameters

Fill Type Theoretical plate number(1/m) specific surface area(m2/m3) Void(%) Pressure drop(MPa/m) Liquid load (m3/m2-hr) F factor m/s(kgm3)
CB700Y 5-7 700 85 9.3×10.4 0.2-100 1.6
CB500Y 3-4 500 93 2.3×10.4 0.2-100 2.1
CB250Y 2.5-3 250 97 3.0×10.4 0.2-100 2.6


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