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Barbed wire,razor barbed wire

Product name:Razor Barbed wire
Product Introduction:
As a new kind protective screening, Razor barbed wire is also named as Razor wire mesh. It is weaved through corrosion resistant galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate. They have the power of the excellent protection, deterrent effect,strong and beautiful performance. Razor wire mesh is mostly used in pasture boundary, railway, highway isolated protection, etc.
<1>Concertina Coils razor wire
Spiral form blade razor wire is made from powerful of clamp with stainless steel plate and galvanized steel slice between two blades razor wires. It is ont only beautiful but also practical.
<2> Single coil razor wire
Single coil razor wire is installed according to its natural forms without using clip.
<3> Straight Type Razor Wire
There are some erection modes available for Straight Type Razor Wire. It is easily
and quickly to be installed,also has good effect of deterrent with low cost.
<4> Hedge type razor wire
Hedge type razor wire is a hedge type protective fence which is made of razor wire. The razors are practical and beautiful. It is mainly used for the fence, door protection and military defense etc. And the length and diameter can be made according to customer requirements.


安全防护网(刺绳 刀片刺绳) 安全防护网(刺绳 刀片刺绳)
Razor Barbed wire-1 Razor Barbed wire-2
Razor Barbed wire-3 Razor Barbed wire-4

Product: Barbed wire
Material:Weaved by high quality low carbon steel wire(galvanized、PVC、Plastic-sprayed); Many colors are available like blue, green, yellow,etc. The core wire of PVC coated barbed wire can be galvanized iron wire or black annealed wire.
Characteristic: Corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, drying and durable,etc
Usage: For the isolation protection of pastures boundary, railway, highway, has many beautiful and practical selection, construction and erection way, save funds, rapid and effective deterrent effect. There are some erection modes available to be choose. It is easy and quick to be installed. good effect of deterrent with low cost..

安全防护网(刺绳 刀片刺绳) 安全防护网(刺绳 刀片刺绳)
Barbed wire-1 Barbed wire-2
Barbed wire-3 Barbed wire-4
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